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Read Testimonials From Satisfied Patients

The greatest compliment you could provide us is a referral and a review. Please take some time to submit your review on the form below. It would mean so much if you could also review us on the sites listed below. We want to hear how much you appreciate the services. It would also help us tremendously by referring us to friends and families. We want to ensure we can help all who are suffering from illnesses we can help.

I first worked with Allison after my left knee replacement several years ago.  This was not my first encounter with physical therapy, having survived a head on collision in 1979 that fractured both my legs in numerous places.  After that, years of working and playing hard on knees that weren't well aligned wore out the joints and eventually both knees needed replacement. I first had the left knee replaced, and I knew that a top-notch physical therapist could make a huge difference in your recovery.  Allison had the right combination of skills to get me back on my feet with a routine of exercise and stretching, and all the while calibrating the right amount of encouragement to motivate me to push myself back to normal routines.  As a result, I was riding my bike six weeks after the surgery!  The following year I had my right knee replaced and had no hesitation signing on Allison again for my PT.  Once again, I was riding my bike after six weeks and resuming my life with a new freedom from pain.  I celebrated with a great day of skiing on New Year's Day.

Bill S.

Post-surgery therapy for repaired rotator cuff and biceps tendons:

Upon learning Allison was beginning her own private practice, I wanted to write a testimonial on her behalf. After each of only three sessions to date, I have felt significantly better immediately after and until my next appointment, and have experienced very clear improvement in the flexibility, strength, and functional use of my shoulder. In addition to her excellent clinical skills, she has a very pleasant personality. Allison has been a thorough pleasure to work with, and I thoroughly recommend her services, and know she will be a blessing to many seeking healing. Best wishes for her new practice!

Frank V.

Allison is very professional and a knowledgeable Physical Therapist. She takes her time pinpointing the areas to work on, learning your pain threshold and developing the proper treatment plan. I have had positive rehab experiences and results with Allison as my physical therapist. After surgeries on both my knee and shoulder, I worked with Allison and was able to rehab and build back strength to resume my regular activities. She truly cares about you, I would highly recommend Allison.

What went well: Office environment, Appointment scheduling, Listened & answered questions, Explained conditions well, Staff friendliness, Appointment wasn't rushed, Trusted the provider's decisions, Wait times

December 08, 2020 from Healthgrades

Allison is amazing! She made me feel really comfortable as after just two visits I felt as if we were friends a long time. She knows her stuff and has a great bedside manner. She will work you and get you better.

September 08, 2020, from Healthgrades

After shoulder surgery, I was in a lot of pain and a little intimidated with the concept of physical therapy. Honestly, I thought it was mainly for pro athletes and major trauma or injury patients.
From the first moments of starting our session, Allison put me at ease and talked me through every stage of what our long term objectives were and what our daily goals would be.
She always struck the right balance between gentle, hands-on manipulations and making sure I wasn't getting complacent and plateauing in my recovery.
I wouldn't have been able to progress as much as I did, if Allison hadn't been my physical therapist. I'm blessed to have met her when I did.

Erin S.

Stop thinking about it and make the appointment!
For many years (15+) I suffered regularly with debilitating pain in my lower back and legs. Over those years I had every kind of treatment one could imagine. Chiropractors, sports therapy, injections, etc. etc. Allison, talked to me over the phone about my symptoms and was able to determine that the root cause of my pain was my Sacroiliac (SI) Joint. I didn’t even know that joint existed. Within 5 minutes of my first visit, Allison had evaluated me, twisted up like a pretzel and 100% pain free! I couldn’t believe that she fixed me that fast. I had honestly given up hope and was coming to terms with living in pain.


Great experience! Allison was so helpful, patient and knowledgeable. She provided excellent, hands-on treatment in the comfort of my own home. Allison took plenty of time to explain what she was doing, why and also gave me great strategies to use everyday to combat debilitating symptoms.

Mary B.

Miracle Healer!! That is what I call Allison from AH Concierge Physical Therapy. I had been having pretty severe pain from an accident and someone referred me to AH Concierge. It was the first time my pain was manageable. Between dry needling, therapy, and exercises, it is the first time in a long, long time, where I feel I am back to doing normal physical activity. I was unable to walk without pain until Allison started working on me. I strongly recommend her to help with any kind of physical pain you may be experiencing. I call her my Miracle Healer for a reason!!

Kathy R.

Allison was amazing! She was my therapist after my rotator cuff surgery. It was a tough recovery but Allison helped me immensely!

Sandy V.

Very knowledgeable and informative. Went in with a shoulder that’s been killing me for months. Within the first five minutes of our session my shoulder was feeling much better. Now I feel band new!

Brenton A.

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